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CITS Revolutionary Service Contract


Systems Contract Maintenance Services


CITS had developed a unique contract service offering for HVAC/Fire Alarm Automation Systems. The Basic premise is this:


A System is used to maintain an HVAC/Fire System to its optimal level by using a Fully Available Service System only to the EXTENT it is Necessary and not using the full Availability System with its Attendant Costs.


This unique Contract maintenance System is a 4 point system:


1.             Your personnel is forst trained on the hardware of the system so that they can do all the necessary hardware mechanical  

               PM and maintenance work on the remote panel hardware installed at their site by the relevant vendor. Ths training also  

               ensures that CITS engineers and local person nel can communicate effectively over the pjhone ot other media if and when 


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2.             We supply all the hardware and repair parts  for your installed automation system. We also repair parts if necessary instead

               of purchasing new parts.

3.             A CITS engineer ans not a technician visits your sit every 3 months to take care of any problems and additions and

Swiss Army Knives and Watches

                modifications to your controller or front-end database. The visit is one week (5 days). The engineer is capable of correcting

                any problem whatsoever at your site and is not going to set up a chain of events to address your requirements or problem.

                There is no escalation to a different level of expertise, technical or managerial. The engineer has control over your entire

                system and all levels of programming/engineering and has access to all your information and is in possession of all

                engineering tools to execute any and all your site requests or changes, additions or modifications. This, in itself is a major

                change from other vendor services and is actually a revolutionary service concept. No other service even comes close to this

                type of service. They always involve other personnel and other levels of management or and technical proficiency and the

                consequent delays in delivering even the simplest change like even a set point change. Instead the CITS engineer will 



4.             On emergencies the CITS person shows your staff a powerful and tested workaround then shows up in person within 36 hours

                for  any and all service work or emergency or problem at your site.


This 4-point service contract is all at the cost of actual service cost. There are no monthly/quarterly/annual large sums to pay regardless 

of actual service like most other service contracts. You would save hundreds and thousands of dollars each year. We guarantee it. The

whole point is that you use only the portion of service availability that you really need. You do not need an insurance contract for your

site. Automation systems are designed or have capability to operate most of the time without intervention. The few times that you will

need service are no reason for you to have to pay for the rest of the times when the service is not going to be needed. Why should you

be paying for it? It is quite simple really, if you think about it. Call CITS today, (651)442-9044 to schedule a professional site inspection

and your unique contract setup.   

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CITS Revolutionary Service Contract

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