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Micro Macrocel Subsystem

Micro/Macrocel Subsystem


This subsytem consists of 2 types of controllers:


The Macrocel Controller


This is a controller for controling midsize air hanldlers. It has a 50 point capacity. The controller comes in a standard configuration with a predefined input/output set that the engineer must follow. The controller consists of a strong plastic housing that houses the circuit boards for the controllers. The motherboard has all the field I/O device terminals. The system comes with a handheld device to exercise the inpiuts and outputs of the controller. You can run the controler in a diagnostic mode for that. The controller is programmed in a modified PASCAL programming language. It is supplied with many application programs that you can modify and adjust for your use. The controller is quite sophisticated and can be programmed to control just about anything. The controllers can be configured over a proprietary network called the C-NAP bus and can share inputs/outputs via a comkplex sharing mechanism. There can be 199 controllers per bus and each is addressed. Each controller also has a serial number and you must commission them. The controllers are programmed with a programing tool.


CITS has all tools and documentation to configure/service /support all macrocel controllers. The controllers are capable of operating stand alone but many front-ends are provided such as the Graphnic Central, XBS-i, XBS and EBI. CITS can configure and service/support all of these front ends also. The controllers are typically spread out throughout the building and effectuate a lot of savings in terms oif reduced wiring. 


The controller database is difficult to service and maintain but once programmed the controllers will operate flawlessly. The controller rarely fails or goes offline. It is a very reliable architechture as is the case with all Honeywell systems. If your systems are having problems then it is probably poor engineeirng and programming. CITS can address all such problems and can get your system working flawlessly as it was meant to do.


If you are a servie provider we strongly urge you to contact CITS since we can address all problems that you will need to address and we can perform all tasks that the original equipment manufacturers can do and in fact way more than that. You do not need to look any further for all your programming and engineering needs.


The controllers are networked and then tied to the R7044 controlers to transfer their point information to the latter controllers and that information is then sent to the front-ends such as the XBS-i. The front-ends use the Microsoft Windows platforms and use menus and pull down items and other pop-up features of windows platforms. The R7044 controllers are complex controllers and can control any mecahnical hardware and programming/enginering them is not trivial. But once prorammed they run flawlessly and hardly ever fail. The most common failure occurs because of water damage and other moisture problems. All of the Micro/Macrocel controllers and R7044 controllers are repairable by CITS. CITS also repairs many circuit boards from many other vendors in our extensive repair facility. For all your repair needs please call CITS immediately.


Microcel Controllers


These are somewhat smaller than the ones above. They have a poit cpacity of 23 points but are also fully prorammable. They are primarily designed to do VAV and air flow control. These controllers come in many configurations and can be ordered that way or you can configure one for your own needs from the the base board and the optional input/output boards. But his requires special knowledge and is not recommended. But if you have such requirements CITS can build a microcel to suit your requirements.


CITS has plentiful stock of these controllers and can also repair all configurations of all controllers. These controllers are serialized and require commissioning . The latter requires special tools.  


CITS has all information on this system and all of its documentation and other tools used to install, service and support this system. CITS can also repair all hardweare on this system and has stock for all of its parts. CITS can provide all services for this system including training and re- programmig it from scratch. The front end for this, the XBS-i was later able to act as a front- end for the older Honeywell system such as the Delta 1000, Excel Classic, FS90 and many others.  This system can be setup in multiple configurations and some of these configurations are quite complex and it can be very hard to find qualified persons to work and support those configurations. Even Honeywell may not have trained personnel to work on some of these complex application in the field. However, we want to enter it here as a matter of recod that CITS can support and service all configurations of this system and has enough parts and equipment to service and support all configurations of this system indefinitley. The system was later ported to a new front-end called the 'Enterprise Buildings Integrator' which is a universal interface for all of Honeywell systems and even for non-Honeywell systems. CITS can service and support all variatons of this Universal Interface also.


CITS Advisory 1


All parts for this system are now obsolete and hence the current stock is not cheap. But CITS has in stock every item for this system. Parts available for this sytem are searchable on this website. All items are available immediately. The prices are subject to change without notice for understandable reasons.


CITS Advisory 2


It may appear to that the cost of some of these items is pretty expensive in some absolute sense but CITS advises that even at the curent prices the items are well worth it since otherwise you will be looking at repalcing the system or upgrading it or you will end up using a lot of time searching for the items. CITS recommends immediate attention to your system and offers repair/replacement for every item in this system in short order. This way you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Please, remember that even migrating just one air handler can cost over 20 thousand dollars, if not more. This is because all programs will have to be rewritten and new hardware/wiring installed and new front end used. Please call a CITS engineer to get more information and a recommended path for your migration. Pleae use a safe and economical approach for your site.


In the fianl analysis, use the current system, reapair/service it as long as necessary and produce the money for the replacement in the long run.


Always use a safe and economical approach and not just what is technically available. Because the latter may be exciting but may not be justifiable for your business.

Thank you


The micro/macrocel systems are downline controllers for the Excel 
Plus systems for special HVAC functions such as VAV Air Flow 
control and Midsize AHU Control.

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