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Systems Contract

Maintenance Services

CITS has developed a unique contract maintenance service offering for all Fire Alarm and HVAC Automation Systems. The basic premise is this:

"The contract service is setup to maintain a system at its optimal level by providing a level and quantity of service that is necessary and is not the full avalability service, which ordinarily is not required since if the system installed was any good in the first place it would not need the full availlability service."

Translation: If a system is properly engineered, programmed and installed it would not and should not need frequent and costly repairs and maintenance visits from the provider. Therefore, a 'Needs Only" maintenance serice should be enough. This minimal but necessary serive is what CITS provides instead of a so-called full "peace of mind" insurance type contract that the providers are always looking to provide to make the most dollars! CITS has extensive experience and has found that a "Needs Only" service contract is ideal for all customers and especially for School Districts and other fixed or low budgent entities.

This unique service is a 4 part system:

1.   Your personnel or selected members thereof are first trained on the specific hardware at your site so that they can perform all necessary PM and hardware maintenance on the remote and panel devices under the guidance and support of the CITS engineers. This also allows them to communicate effectively with the CITS service personnal when necessary.

2.   We supply all the hardware and repair parts and repair services that your system will or may ever need. We guarantee availability and repair of all parts no matter who the vendor is.

3.   A CITS peron visits your site every 3 month to take care of any engineering and other non-normal problems and any additions and modifications you may need. CITS has all tools to perform these modifications and additions and can service/supply any and all complex or simple enginering right on your site to all of your front- end and remote hardware and can perfrom all database and engineering changes that you may require. Indeed CITS has the capability to re-engineer the entire job at your site and to configure application programs that even the original supplier either did not know how to provide or said that the software was not designed to provide. CITS has a workaround around every situation or problem, no matter what it is. Remember, 'They may have developed it or installed it but only CITS can make it do any and everyrhing that you need done and in the simplest and most cost- effective way'.

4.    On emergencies a CITS person shows your staff a workaround around the current problem and then shows up in person in short order to resolve your problem permanently.

This 4-point system is all at the cost of actual service cost and there are no annual or monthly 'fluffy' large sums to pay off regardless of the actual service(s) rendered or not rendered. Call CITS today to start this service for your site and say good bye to all service problems forever. Everything is done for you. We do it all and for a mere pittance. Call (651)442-9044 today and speak to Riaz Hussain. In this day and age if you have not USED CITS, you are burning your money and burning it with each day that dawns. IT IS YOUR CALL.

You can get a handle on your system TODAY! Please call me (651)442- 9044, RH

The CITS Difference

Here is what CITS engineers can do!!

He will give you the answer right then and there.

He can reconfigure and/or reprogram your system.

He can get your sytem to do what you need it to do.

He can fix your system for a life time of savings.

If you do not have the site databse, he will recreate the databse no matter how large or small your system is.

Call CITS Today, (651)442-9044, and get your system addressed in short order.

Our engineer can be there next Monday...

Thank you.

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Advanced Circuit Board Repair

CITS can Repair most circuit boards for most vendors such as Siemens, Andover, Simplex- Grinnel, Edwards, General Electric, to name a few. Click here to start your repair procedure.



 CITS Emergency Response Center

If your sytem has an emergency and you are in the US please, call (651)442- 9044 before 2PM CST. A fully  empopwered CITS Engineer  will report at your site by 10AM the  next day. The engineer will figure out your problem within a few hours and if you commit to repair, the engineer will be on his way to your problem resolution by the same day!  Try us today. Click here to start your Problem Resolution Procedure.


The Delta 1000 and Honeywell Legacy Systems

CITS services/supports all Alpha/Delta 1000 configurations and all Honeywell Legacy Systems. CITS has all parts available for these systems and can also repair most of. For all training on this system visit CEYETS.COM. We provide installation/service/support/training for these systems in any and all parts of the world. Please call Riaz Hussain (651)442-9044 for all service/Support questions on these systems. All Delta 1000 parts are available immediately and can also be repaired.

CITS Services/Supports/Installs all EBI Systems

In the below article I will dwell on the great versatility of the EBI sytem. It is not possible to provide full details on this great and state of the art system here. For more information on training and other configurations on this system visit CEYETS.COM. You can always call for any and every help on this and many other systems, (651)442-9044. We have most parts, support, service and engineering for this system for any and every part of the world. Click here to start your Problem Resolution Procedure.


The Problem of FS90/FS90 Plus/ Delta 1000 System Detectors 

Are you having problems finding/locating smoke detectors and other I/O devices for FS90/FS90 Plus and Delta 1000 Fire and Security Systems? CITS services/supports all FS90/FS90 Plus and Alpha/Delta 1000 Fire Configurations. CITS has all detectors available for these and many other systems. Call us today and we will supply all your needs in short order. We have all engineering available for these systems and can program/reprogram these systems in any configuration that you require. If you do not have your site DATABASE for your site, we will re- create it for you. No matter how complicaed or large your system or how small we will address it immediately and will make it take a new LEASE on LIFE. We can save you millions of dollars immediaely. We provide service/support/training for these systems in any and all parts of the world. Call us today (651)442-9044 for all service/support questions on these or any other systems. 

Riaz Hussain, The Engineering Specialist

Corporate Information Technology Services

25607 N 153rd Avenue

Surprise AZ 85387

(651)442- 9044


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FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
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Please no irrelevant emails and and allow us to do our work. We appreciate your discipline and self control.



Riaz Hussain,

Automation/Fire Alarm Systems Engineering Specialist

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Repair Tips
Valuable Information for Your Repair Needs!


Your item may be repairable!


Before you buy a new item, please call us. Your item may be repairable. The way an item is repaired at CITS, it virtually becomes a NEW ITEM and takes a new lease on life. Some companies have this idea that they need to use new items only. But the fact is that new items may not be available and moreover they may be so expensive as to be prohibitive. We can repair your item instead or sell you a rebuilt one that will perform just as well, if not better. We can also configure the part for you right at your site. We have all tools and documentation to do that. Even if you do not have your site database and/or others may have given up on your system, we have the tools to work with your system and we will, and can help you.

 Repair tip

 If you want to find out if an item is repairable or not, simply put the word "Repair" in front of the part number and use it in our Site Search Box. The website will tell you if the item is repairable or not.   If the repair information comes up, the item is repairable. If the search engine finds nothing then the item is not repairable and you will need to purchase one.

In that case call (651)442-9044 and arrange for your purchase. If the item is repairable, follow the links provided to schedule your repairs.

Your System is Fully Repairable!

Hold on there! Before you opt for that costly upgrade, look at the options. Your system may be repairable and capable of full operation for many more years. Call CITS, (651)442-9044 for a full analysis of your system. We can send an engineer to your site to evaluate your system in short order. We can repair just about all Honeywell systems or we can re-program/re-engineer them to your new specifications so that your system is more in line with the changed usage of the site. Call (651)442-9044 to schedule a site evaluation service. You will be pleased with the result!

CITS Emergency Response
We evaluate your current system right on your site and submit a complete report that spells out what your system is capable of doing, what it will take to make it do that and whether the current functionality is close to what your current needs are and whether or not you need a new system or an upgrade is in order. This detailed report can only be completed by a CITS professional. The cost of this service is a mere $1590.00 and includes all expenses. The site visit is typically a one day affair and a site person knowledgeable about the geography of the site must be available for one day.   You can schedule a site visit at any time by calling Riaz Hussain, (651)278-4086 or (651)442-9044, Mobile. You can also email the engineer, Your report will show all your options and also show a particular recommended solution that will be the most cost effective alternative.
Did you find what you were looking for? No? Did you call me?  Please call me. The phone is ON 24/7/365, (651)442-9044. 
Your Problem Resolution is a phone call away! Call CITS Today for your problem resolution.
Are you looking for a hard to find part? Need a repair job done?   Call CITS for any and all problems. Call (651)442- 9044. Call any time.

CITS Repairable Parts List

This is just a partial list of most commonly repaired items and is not meant to be exhaustive. If your item is not listed, please call (651)442- 9044 for repair availability/information. All repairs prices are subject to constant change and cannot be listed. To schedule a repair, call (651)442- 9044 or click  HERE.
You can also use the System Search Box on this website to to find if a part is repairable. When the item is found, the description will state if it is repairable. If it does not, then you may have to purchase the item. Also check the Repair Tips paragraph, supra.

 14501704- 001

 14503168- 002



 14501874- 001

UNITY Front End

 PC Complete



The problem of FS90/FS90 PLus Dectectors

Introduction/The Problem

These systems ae now aging but still fully working and doing their assigned funcitons. However, the detectors required are getting harder and harder to come by. CITS has spent extensive research time into this problem and determined replacement sensors for all the smoke detectors required or needed by the FS90/FS90 Plus sytem. We have done extensive tests and trials and determined the whole system of replacement sensors and detectors for the FS90/FS90 plus systems. We have listed below the original part numbers as required or specified by Honeywell and the corresponding CITS replacement sensors that are available from CITS. We have tested these replacemts down to the "T" and found them 100% operational. However, we sell these replacements only with the caveat listed hereunder:

CITS Non-liability for replacemnt sensors and detectors for FS90/FS90 Plus systems:

The replacement sensors and detectors listed hereunder are sold under the specific non-libbility of CITS for any and all damages if any, resulting from the purchase, installationa and use of these detectors. The detectors are tested 100% but the buyer with the act of buying agrees to hold CITS harmles against any and all damages, remote or close, direct or indirect resulting from the use or abuse of these re-placement sensors. CITS assumes no legal or other liabilitiess arising from the purchase, sale or resale or use/abuse of these detectors and sensors. The customer pucahse of these sensors and use/abuse thereof shall be a clear proof that the customer has agreed to the non-libility of CITS presented above.

This non-libility extends to all damages related directly or indirectly from the purchase, sale, installation and use or abuse of these sensors. The customer agrees to waive any rights to bring lawsuits for any damages whatsoever related to these sensors in any court of law and agrees to never bring any lawsuits against CITS under any circumstaces whether listed here or not, relating to these replacement sensors/detectors. The customer purchase shall be a proof of agreement to this waiver.

Here is a partial list of cross references:


Please click on the Honeywell Part Number and the website will bring you to the detailed information for the replacement for the Honeywell sensor/detector you clicked.











CITS is continuing to cover all other sensors for FS90/FS90 Plus systems and will be posting them here for customer use. Remember, these are tested under an actual system for all functionality in all possible scenarios.


Riaz Hussain, Automation Systems Specialist

I can answer your questions and I can find/configure a solution for you!

Call Me NOW (651)442-9044!

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