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The CITS Difference

The CITS Difference (More of them!)


1. Most items are in stock, although there may be only one or two availble in some cases.
2. If an items is not listed, please call anyway. We might be able to source it for free.
3. Some items are used but tested 100% in the natural relevant system environment with our own diagnostics programs. 
4. We can service and engineer/re-enginer most HVAC automation systems? Pleae call for details.

5. We provide onsite configuration/installation service for most items we sell.
6. We also repair most items that we sell.

7. We have diagnostics/Engineering tools for most systems we service?
8. We can re-create your system database, if necessary.
9. We do not recommend costly upgrades unless there is no other way available.
10. We have answers/options for most problems/systems.

11. We will find answers for your specific application even if it takes our own time to figure out what you have.

12. If your system be repaired for one reason or another, we will configure a work aound for you.

13. We can source parts for you for no charge other than the price of the item.
14. We have many work arounds for many problems via programming/reprogramming the site database.
15. We will give you the final costs and prices upfront.
16. We will move forward with your project as soon as you are ready.
17. We will give you your options in the clearest possible terms right upfront.
18. We will be willing to do just about anything to get your system figured out and configured/reconfigured to work optimally for you.

CITS will try to free you from all your system problems once and for all. CITS will get you a maintenance system that will cost you next to nothing.

Call CITS today, (651)442-9044 and get to your problem resolution and end the endless searches for parts. You may not even need them!
(651)442- 9044

CITS Circuit Board Repair Services

We can repair most circuit boards. Call today, to see if your part is repairable. You can alway purchase a new one or have one sourced for you at no charge.

Click here to start the Simplest Repair Protocol on earth!

Shows the different approach followed by CITS and its Uniqueness!

Riaz Hussain, Automation Systems Specialist

I can answer your questions and I can find/configure a solution for you!

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