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Enterprise Buildings Integrator


This system was introduced by Honwywell after they had introduced the Exccel Supervosr Integrated system. This last was an integrated front end for many of Honewywell's older systems and was based on the Windows platform. It was just a natural growth from there to introduce the integration to the next level and bring in the other vendor system controllers into this new front end and then change/add/modify the latter to accomodate the new controller funtionality. Accordingly the software had to become quite extensive and the training load and curve to master this syem is quite steep. But CITS has every aspect of this system covered by one or more classes. This system is not sold. It is an installed sytem only although there is not any earth-shaking complexity to install it. The documentation is extensive and can be done by a persistent customer. CITS can istall/support  this system for you no matter what the size of your operation. You will of course purcahse this software and the relevant controllers. CITS can then take it from there.


The sytem basically allows you to interface with all types of controllers out there via what they call a channel/point configuration. There are of course many channels depending on the vendor of your controllers but in the main Honewywell will install 3 main channels and the controllers on them. The 3 main channels are as follows:


(1) The proprietary channels such as the Honeywell C Bus or the L-bus suppporting the XL5000 and Deltanet Excel Plus controllers respectively or the Jonson controllres via the Mod Bus or other proprietary controllers.

(2) The Open channels such as the Echelon Lonworks channels supporting the Lon Mark controllers from any vendor.

(3) The BacNet controller Bus for any Bacnet controllers.


Once the channels are configured the points are configured in a fairly straight-forward fashion. But the points can be configured in great flexibility only for the native controllers (the Excel 5000 controllers). For others, a simplified approach via "point servers" is used. Undert this mecahnism only the point value/status is configured and installed on a graphic for visibilty and direct contrl. Other technical attributes of the point are not programmed although in some cases they can be. The idea is to configure the sytem as quickly as possible and deliver the system in short order. But the very top heavy software nature of the interface allows for more communication failures, breakdowns and anomalies. The system has already gone through several revisions.

The system depends heavily on the proprietary buses to IP connectivity and a down IP network can result in a non-functional front end. But luckily the down line controllers will continue to function. The sytem is web enabled but that can also expose it ot serious hacking. Please do not put your EBI servers on the net since hackers can get through even through the industrial strength firewalls. CITS advises that the sytem use its own independent local TCP/IP network independent of the customer IT network. CITS can configure all networks required for this system. The system runs on the Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 or higher platforms. CITS can configure all of these servers.


CITS has all information on this system and all of its documentation and other tools used to install, service and support this system. CITS can also reapiar all hardweare on this system and has stock for all of its pars. CITS can provide all services for this system including training and reprogramming it from scratch.


CITS Advisory 1


Some or all parts for the down line  system may be obsolete and hence the current stock is not cheap. But CITS has in stock every item for this system. Parts available for this sytem are searchable on this website. All items are available immediately. The prices are subject to change without notice for understandable reasons.


CITS Advisory 2


It may appear that the cost of some of these items is pretty expensive in some absolute sense but CITS advises that even at the current prices the items are well worth it since otherwise you will be looking at repalcing the system or upgrading it or you will end up using a lot of time searching for the items. CITS recommends immediate attention to your system and offers repair/replacement for every item in this system in short order. This way you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Please, remember that even migrating just one air handler can cost over 20 thousand dollars if not more. This is because all programs will have to rewritten and new hardwar/wiring installed and a new front end used. Please call a CITS engineer to get more information and a recommended path for your migration. Please, use a safe and economical approach for your site.


In the fianl analysis, use the cuurent system, reapair/service it as long as necessary and produce the money for the replacement in the long run.


Always use a safe and economical approach and not just what is technically available. Because the latter may be exciting but may not be justifiable for your business.

Thank you


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