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Hello and Welcome to the Corporate Information Technology Services Website!

Most websites allow you to purchase right on their websites. That is because they are selling directly identifiable items. But we at are selling items that are used in specific scenarios and configurations/systems. It is pretty hard to know off hand what the items are for and what exactly will be their end use. So we would like to help you determine the item/part number that you really need. Please feel free to call me at any time (651)442- 9044 to find out what we need to do for you. Also, it is possible that it is not the parts that you need, it may be that an engineering/programming situation exists and buying the parts may not actually be in order. We do have a consulting/evaluation service for all systems on your site and an engineer can be dispatched to your site in short order to investigate/solve your problem. Of course, we solve all problems no matter what, large or small. Click here for all Engineering or Emergency services.

 The actual ordering is very simple, however, see below:


Buying ON-Line:


If you know what you are looking for and have the exact part number, you can buy the item right online. You will be asked to sign-on if you are a returning customer to speed up the ordering process. If you are a new customer, you will need to register. Please follow the simple prompts. At this time PayPal is accepted as the method of payment. But PayPal will charge your card if you decide to do so and have a PayPal account. If you do not have a PayPal account the PayPal system will offer to create one for you. After that you can use a credit card. Our system does not store any card information and your information is never sold to anybody or any company. Your privacy is guaranteed and this is our unshakeable promise.


Phone Orders:


This is also very simple. Call me, Riaz Hussain (651)442-9044. Tell me what you are trying to  do. I will discuss the issue with you. I will determine the best approach for you. If we determine that you need a particular part, I will send you an informal email with the cost/price/availability information. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, I will send you a formal invoice with payment information. As soon as payment is received the item(s) will be released to the address in your purchase order.


Engineering Service/Support


If I determine that you need a site visit and a systems report, I will send you an email on how to arrange a site visit or click here for information on understanding/arranging a site visit. It does not matter, where you are since I travel to all parts of the world. This service is $1990.00 for anywhere in the continental US and is $2990.00 for all other locations. If the location is not the continental US, please also arrange air travel, lodging/boarding and transportation for our engineering specialist.




If you need a part repaired, an RMA will be issued, valid for 90 days. Send the item with the RMA to the address shown on the RMA. All repaired items are guaranteed for one year. Our system will put a date code on the item. Warranty is void if the date code is removed or is missing. We will of, course, repair it again for a new charge. The turn around time is 14 working days but can be expedited for extra charges. You will be pleasantly surprised at our repair prices. Click here for all repair details.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Riaz Hussain

Automation/Fire Alarm Systems Engineering Specialist

Corporate Information Technology Services

1901 Lexington Avenue N

St Paul MN 55113

(651)442- 9044     Mobile is ON 24/7/365



I am the one that is going to fix anything. Months will go buy after you have checked with me and seen my proposal.  But the problem may still be there. You may still be having meetings on the problems at your site, whereas by now I would have fixed and delivered it already! Do you want to get it done or you want to save money? In one case you will be spending your valuable time on your next project like you should be, in the other you will still be on the phone, arranging meetings and gathering "input" and exploring "options". Please call me instead and work on something else. Let me take care of this ONE! You can do something else!



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