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FS90/FS90 Plus System

This system was introduced in the mid 1980's. This was a premier Fire Alarm System at the time. It was introduced as a complement to the Excel Plus HVAC system. The system can execute fire codes for the US, Canada, UK, Germany and Australia . The system is basically a series of card cages with each card having a group of function cards installed. The different fucnctiopn cards are for different fire alarm functions. You have to know extensively about fire systems in order to configure the panel. The fire database for each panel is created off-line using special programmin/engineering tools and is not straight forward. But once programmed and engineered the sytem is extremely stable and reliable. The system uses nominal 28 VDC and has its own transformers.

The FS90/FS90 Plus can also work as a standalone system and has the necessary user interface built right into the local panel as required by the NFPA. Each FS90 panel can have 4 mother boards with a maximum of 32 function cards. Each panel can control practically hundreds of devices. The panels can be networked together on a proprietary bus caled the F & S Bus. There can be 29 panels per bus.



The FS90/FS90 Problems and the Resolution

The system was designed with database reliability in mind. For this reason the database is created off-line and then installed in the relevant distributed processors via special storage computer chips. That way power losses and other lapses have no effect on the system operation.

This is indeed a nice feature. Howerver, it does have some consequences.


1. The off-line created database must be available to make any changes that may be necessary after the original system installation. Or, if the chips are corrupted or damaged that contain the databse for each panel, the original database will be rquired. But this database is typicaly not supplied to the customer via the liability arguments built into the original contract.


2. It is impossible to diagnose the system problems without access to this databse. Worse yet, the database is not in any text format and cannot be edited via some word processor. Instesd it must be looked at via the special programming tools created for controlling this databsae.


3. The net result is that most service providers will not be able to service this system. They can only replace the hardware and even that basically will be just replacing each piece with the exact same hardware and this hardware is now available in very limited    quantities. In most cases, the service provider will be calling the original system supplier and they will be back on site as sub-contrators and they may not release the database to the service provider and instead will simply "fix" the problem that they can decipher. But even original supplier may not have all the resoures to work on this system. So they will be recommending costly upgrades! The customer will be paying large sums to the service providers and will be getting minimal functionality back since the sytem cannot be worked on without the availability of the system database. This is a huge loss and can be very frustrating for the customer.


4. The service providers will mainly concentrate on power cycling the system or just checking the system battery voltages and maintaing the system hardware and "testing" the smoke detectors periodically.


But what can CITS DO?


Cits will and can work on this system in its entirety. If you do not have the system database, CITS will recreate it. Even the original supplier may not be able to offer this bold and powerful approach.


If you do not have the right hardware, CITS has all parts for this system in stock.


CITS is now the company that has all documentation for this system.


CITS has ALL engineering tools and the required expertise to configure/reconfigure/re-program this system in any which way that you may need or require.


CITS can save you thousands of dollars that you will incur via a costly upgrade. This system can be used for many more years. You can get your money's worth out of it before you make the costly upgrdes.


CITS will not waste weeks in the estimating, or diagnosing this system. A simple one day examination is all CITS needs to figure out all the problems with your system and can submit a solution the same day. And if you approve it, can start working on it the next day. Who else can claim that?


CITS does not need any wiring diagrams or for that matter any documentaion to figure out this system. CITS will simply fix your system when you are ready to get it fixed and save you an enormous amount of money.


Call CITS today, (651)442- 9044. Stop the Google searches and put your problem to rest. Or, order the parts that you need.


Thank you.


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