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Buy a part from us or get yours repaired!  If there is no price, call for a quote, (651)442- 9044.

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CITS Circuit Board Repair/Module Repair Services
Corporate Information Technology Services
The Simplest Repair Protocol you can find on the WEB---- Only from CITS!
To get a part repaired this is all you have to do:
1. Call CITS [(651) 414-3096]. Discuss your part ---it does not
matter what it is, chances are we can repair it!--- with
Catherine Richey or Riaz Hussain.
2. After the discussion send the part to CITS freight paid:
Corporate Information Technology Services
1901   Lexington Avenue
St Paul MN  55113
3. We will examine the part and give you a formal quote with the
best possible price around, guaranteed!
4. Give us a P.O. number or credit card information to begin the
repair. Repairs can be started only after payment has been received as listed in our formal Repair Quote above. 
5. If you decide not have it repaired we will bill you for a mere
$35.00 (thirty five dollars) for the
shop/test charges.
6. All repairs have a one year warranty.
7. Use the part and send your next one in.
8. Is all this too much? Well, just send the part, we will do the
     rest! We take the initiative, you can do
something else. At least you got this one done!!
9. You do not need to bother with an RMA #. We will track your board.
10. If items are sent to us for repairs but the repair is not scheduled by payting for it as listed in the formal repiar cquote, we will not responsible for the repair items sent overto us after 180 days. After 180 days the items are subject to forfeiture.
Riaz Hussain, Senior Systems Specialist
Corporate Information Tchnology Services
25607 N 153rd Avenue
AZ 85387
Parts for Honeywell Automation Systems, Old & New. Extensive Repair Service of Honeywell, Johnson Controls, & Siemens Systems. Parts, Repairs, Installation Service, Systems Support, Service, or Training.

Riaz Hussain, Automation Systems Specialist

I can answer your questions and I can find/configure a solution for you!

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