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What is CITS Trying to do?

Corporate InformationTechnology Services

What is CITS trying to do?

We are presenting and working the fundamental premise of HVAC/Firealarm Automation Systems and showing how it can save some major expenses:

Your existing sytem can be repaired, serviced, and be fully functional and can meet most of your current requirements. It is not necessary to a purchase a new replacement or an upgraded system, which will involove major outlays. This step cannot be justified in most situations. It is extremely cost effective to postpone the purchase of a new system unless new requirements such as networkability, convertibility or web access are essential. It is our contention that these latter are usually more promoted by the SELLER to create more business for themselves than actually needed or required. 

There are basically 3 situations to consider. Others can be subsumed under these:

1. Problems related to the way the system was engineered/installed. This will include such items as wrong or inadequate programming/engineering, changed usage of the building and hence inadequacy of the current programming, wiring problems, lack of training or unavailability of training etc. These are the problems related to the system itself. CITS can address every one of these.

2. The second class of problems have to do with causes external to the system itsself. These include lack of  hardware availability and support, little or non-existing vendor support, no trained tecnicians or programmers, costly training and parts, vendor restricted software/hardware and many others. CITS can address any and all of these issues.

3. The system may be inadequate because of new or modern requirements such as compatibility/scalability to new standards such as networkability, over the web availability, vendor independent hardware/software and others. CITS can service and configure all such systems and requirements.

The fundamental premise of HVAC/FireAlarm systems then leads to the total concept of CITS Services:

1.   CITS Systems Evaluation

We evaluate a system right on your site and submit a report that spells out what your system is capable of doing, what it will take to make it do that and wheter the current functionality is close to what your current needs are and whether or not you need a new system or an upgrade is in order. This detailed report can only be completed by a CITS professional. The cost of this service is $1290.00 and includes all expenses (for the continental Unites States).The site visit is typicaly a one or two day visit and a person knowledgeable about the site and the geographical placement of the system components must be available for one whole day.

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2.   Service And Support

Base upon our Fundamental Premise, we support and service all systems, in particular all Honeywell, Johnson and Andover Controls Systems. We do this through a revolutionary contract maintenance system that is CITS proprietary and costs next to nothing compared to what you can find in th market place.The basic tool for this purppose is our exclusive service contract  that cannot be offered by the competition at the current price level. You can examine the Service Contract here.

3.   The CITS Promise

For any change or adjustemnt to your system, CITS will do and perform it just for the asking at the regulare service and support cost. You will not neeed an 'act of congress' or a 'planning process'   and multifarious meetings at 12 different places before your, say the set pooint is cahnged form 71 to 72! We promise our engineers are so competent and empowered that they will make 90 % of the your wishes just standing there and without any extra cost in most cases. We do not know of many companies that can claim that. We also promise that you will not be calling a dispatch center in Alaska to get a technician in Atlanta who will be calling a sales manager in California to get your little request done. You will get one regular area code number and that person will know what you are talking about and 90% of the time will tell you right there what to do to get what you are trying to do.Your call will not go to Canada, Austarlia, germany or India . We will not send a 'warmBody' that knows nothing about your system except to reset it or to power it down and up again!

You can test this service! Who else offeres it? Simply call (651)414-3096 and ask any question about your existing system. See if you can get an answer. We will ofcourse give you all the background and other pertinet information about your system short of answering your question. The complete answer ofcourse requires a pre-existing conract. But at leaset you will be able to test the servcie availablity.

4.   Technical Library

We have in printed form, all relevant manuals for all major vendors and can offer technical support on the phone for all these systems.Technical assistenace is only $1190/month and is unlimited. This service requires our enhanced service conract that costs you next to nothing.

5.   Training services

In order to support our fundamnental premise and to offer the revolutionay contract services for such a low dollar amount, we must train your staff so that all routine service maters can be handled by your staff on site with our technical assistance/support. Each system has a number of training requirements for the site personnel. When a contract is signed up you will be given the training requirements for your site and personnel. These requirements are specially prepared for the site signing up for a contract.

For detailed training availability and course outlines please use this link.

5.   Parts and repair services

We have an extensive parts availability for legacy systems. We can also engineer, install and program all parts that we sell. Check the parts availability on this site. Both automation parts and control components such as thermostates, valves, mounting gear, etc., are available. You will also find a convenient Data Sheet for any part that you can download or print. 

All parts are also repaired at our own repair facility. We repair all parts and then test them in their native systems and actual environment under program or system control unlike other other repair facilities that may be huge but know nothing about the actual control environment . They simply take a part and try to restore it, purportedly to to its original specifications, forgetting very conveniently that, that may sound very impressive but the part may not work in actual control environmment because the replaement parts are not necessarily good crosses.

If we cannot rapair a part or the part is not repairable we will advise you to buy a replacement. We have all the replacements and the tools to configure and install them.

If you need a replacemnt part and it is not available we can have the part built for you via a new productrion run if you need enough of them or can pay the required price.


This page describes the Service/Support Philosophy of CITS for all HVAC, Control and Automation Systems of ANY and ALL Description
What is CITS Trying to do?

Riaz Hussain, Automation Systems Specialist

What's the question I didn't answer, and what's the  problem I didn't solve!

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