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CITS Emergency Response Center

The CITS Emergency Response Center handles all calls in the order they are received if not a conract customer. If you are a CITS Revelutionary Contract Services Customer you will be supported immediately no matter where in the world you are.
The CERC will dispatch an engineeer to your site after you have agreed to the emergency services of CITS. Under this service we evaluate your current system right on your site and submit a complete report that spells out what your system is capable of doing, what it will take to make it do that and whether the current functionality is close to what your current needs are and whether or not you need a new system or an upgrade is in order. If emergency services are required the engineer will immediately make you aware of what is required in an Emergency Evaluation Report. At that time the engineer will also give you an estimated cost of the emergency problem resolution. The engineer is typically ready to perform the emergency service immediately after you agree to the estimated costs submitted. The estimates do not include the cost of any parts required by the engineer. If the  parts are available form the customer stock they will be used without any additional costs.

This detailed report for the emergency serives or the normal services can only be completed by a CITS professional. The cost of both services is a mere $1590.00 in the continental US and includes all expenses. Additional costs of transportation and room and board will be added  if the service is required abroad. The site visit is typically a one day affair and a site person knowledgeable about the geography of the site must be available for one day. If you decide not to follow up with any repair service there are no further costs. Otherwise, estimated costs determined by the enginer above are applicable.
You can schedule a site visit at any time by calling (651)414-3096 or (651)442-9044. You can also email the engineer,

Your report will show all your options and also show a particular recommended solution that will be the most cost effective solution.
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