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Enterprise Buildings Integrator System


This system was introduced by Honwywell after they had introduced the Exccel Supervosr Integrated system. This last was an integrated front end for many of Honewywell's older systems and was based on the Windows platform. It was just a natural growth from there to introduce the integration to the next level and bring in the other vendor system controllers into this new front end and then change/add/modify the latter to accomodate the new controller funtionality. Accordingly the software is quite quite extensive and comes with many programming options and interface configurations. The training load and curve to master this syem is quite steep. But CITS has every aspect of this system covered by one or another class. This system is not sold. It is an installed sytem only although there is not any earth-shaking complexity to install it. The documentation is extensive and can be done by a persistent customer. CITS can istall/support  this system for you no matter what the size of your operation. You will of course purcahse this software and the relevant controllers. CITS can then take it from there.

The sytem basically allows you to interface with all types of controllers out there via what they call a channel/point configuration. Thers are of course many channels depending on the vendor of your controllers but in the main Honewywell will install 3 main channels and the controllers on them. The 3 main channels are as follows:

1. The proprietary channels such as the Honeywell C Bus or the L-bus suppporting the XL5000 and Deltanet Excel Plus controllers respectively or the     Jonson controllres via the Mod Bus or other proprietary controllers.

2. The Open channels such as the Echelon Lonworks channels supporting the Lon Mark controllers from any vendor.

3. The Bac Net controller Bus for any Bacnet controllers.

Once ther channels are configured the points are configured in a fairly straight-forward fashion. But the points can be configured in great flexibnilit only for the native controllers (the Excel 5000 controllers). For others, a simplified approach via "point servers" is used. Undert this mecahnism only the point value/status is configured and installed on a graphic for visibilty and direct contrl. Other technical attributes of the point are not programmed although in some cases they can be. The idea is to configure the sytem as quickly as possible and deliver the system in short order. But the very to heavy software nature of the interface allows for more communicatiojn failures, breakdowns and anomalies. The system has already gone through several revisions.

The system dependa heavily on the proprietary buses to IP connectivity and a down network can result in a non-functional front end. But luckily the down line controllers will continue to function. The sytem is web enabled but that can also expose it ot serious hacking. Please do not put your EBI servers on the net since hackers can get through even through the industrial strength fire walls. CITS advises that the sytem use its own independent local TCP/IP network independent of the customer IT network. CITS can configure all networks required for this system. The system runs on the Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008 platforms. CITS can configure all of these servers.

CITS has all information on this system and all of its documentation and other tools used to install, service and support this system. CITS can also reapiar all hardweare on this system and has stock for all of its pars. CITS can provide all services for this system including training and reprogramming it from scratch.

CITS Advisory 1

Some or all parts for the down line  system may be obsolete and hence the current stock is not cheap. But CITS has in stock every item for this system. Parts available for this sytem are searchable on this website. All items are available immediately. The prices are subject to change without notice for understandable reasons.

CITS Advisory 2

It may appear that the cost of some of these items is pretty expensive in some absolute sense but CITS advises that even at the current prices the items are well worth it since otherwise you will be looking at repalcing the system or upgrading it or you will end up using a lot of time searching for the items. CITS recommends immediate attention to your system and offers repair/replacement for every item in this system in short order. This way you can save tens of thousands of dollars. Please, remember that even migrating just one air handler can cost over 20 thousand dollars if not more. This is because all programs will have to rewritten and new hardwar/wiring installed and a new front end used. Please call a CITS engineer to get more information and a recommended path for your migration. Please, use a safe and economical approach for your site.


In the fianl analysis, use the cuurent system, reapair/service it as long as necessary and produce the money for the replacement in the long run. 


Always use a safe and economical approach and not just what is technically available. Because the latter may be exciting but may not be justifiable for your business. 

Thank you



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Dell Engineering/Training PC with CARE 2/4/5 plus plug-in's, EXELON 3.0 LNeX, and all the tools needed to design, and ACTIVELY test HONEYWELL EBI(R300/310)/SymmetrE(R200)/ and Acselon(R200) REAL systems. Training Available.
CARE Plus Engineering PC
$64,995.00  $24,995.00
In Stock!
Complete PC to host any of the Honeywell Graphic Building Supervisor/Graphic Central/XBS/Compact Central Systems.
Dell OptiPlex GX100 PC-HW
$5,995.79  $4,978.21
In Stock!
CARE - Dell OptiPlex GX100 Engineering PC
$64,995.00  $56,995.81
In Stock!
Complete PC twith Honeywell Graphic Central 16.4 Software System installed
GC - Dell OptiPlex GX100 PC
$13,678.30  $12,980.89
In Stock!
Featured Items
Honeywell 14505106-002 Initiating Board AC REV3 Assy B
14505106-002 SN# MIT2628
FS90 AC Input Board
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
Filament Transformer
$389.56  $249.57
Honeywell 14503280-002 Repair Service
Delta 1000 Current Loop Interface Board.
In Stock!
14501880-001 4 Point Start/Stop board
Honeywell 14501880-001/001 Repair Service
Repair information for D1K/D2K 4 point Start Stop Board
In Stock!
CA FS90 Control Board ASSY AJ REV 0
14505104-005 S/N 04471
FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
$1,655.24  $955.24
In Stock!
Control Logic Module L1 FS20 DGP Delta 1000
14503202-001 SR# 8023 Assy H Rev 6
Control Logic Module for the FS20 DGP TESTED!
$2,981.96  $2,789.27
In Stock!
Tone Transmission Board LD Assy B REV 2
CITS 14505128-001/002 Repair Service
Repair Information for Delta 1000 Tone Transmission Interface Board LD For the FS90 System.
In Stock!
Delta 1000 Modified TTY Board Assy N/A Rev B
14006000-319504 S/R #3ED9
Delta 1000 Modified TTY Board.
$3,995.37  $3,795.69
In Stock!
Deltanet Macrocel Controller
Honeywell R7515C1015 Repair Service
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable medium size HVAC systems controller.
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7515B9019 SR#9630020267
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
Temperature Sensor Flange Mount
Flange mount 6 in./175 mm wire leads
$17.95  $12.50
In Stock!
AC FS90 Circuit Initiating Board REV 5
14505106-002 S/N 5XN3
FS90 Circuit Initiating Board.
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
This wall adapter is used in the Deltanet Micro/Macrocel Systems with the MPPT Interface or the MPOT hand held terminal. PLease do not use cheap imitations/replacements.
$74.89  $54.29
In Stock!
S1000 DGP Power Supply Board Rev 10 Assy N/A
14502568-001 SN 9214
S1000 DGP Power Supply Board for the Honeywell Delta 1000 System.
$2,498.34  $1,998.34
In Stock!
Tone Transmission Board LD Assy B REV 2
14505128-001 SR# B701
Delta 1000 Tone Transmission interface Board LD For the FS90 System
$450.29  $230.40
In Stock!
Control Logic Module L1 FS20 DGP Delta 1000
Repair 14503202-001
Repair Information for Control Logic Module for the FS20 DGP
In Stock!
Used to control dampers in applications such as variable air volume (VAV) terminal units, and for mounting on ball valves.
$427.22  $198.35
In Stock!
14501874-001 Assy H REV8 #8749
14501874-001 S/N 8749
$763.22  $595.00
In Stock!
Audio/Phone Select/Control SB SD SF FS90 Board REV 2 ASSY B
Honeywell 14506302-002/003/004 Repair Service
FS90 System Phone/Audio Control Board
In Stock!
Repair for R7515A3030
This the repair system for the included part number. Repair prices are subject to change without notice. Please call for current repair price and the details about the repair sequence. DC04UN37-/LLCOM$00
In Stock!
CITS XF524A Repair Service
Repair information for Digital Output Module for the XL5000 controller XL500
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7516B3011 SR#9518020115
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers. Includes integral damper motor.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
XBS-i/Graphic Central Gateway Communications Board Rev N/A Assy S
14506406-001 SR# 61R6
Gateway Communications Board used in Graphic Central/XBS-i Systems. Firmware sold separately. Item is in short supply!
$11,998.34  $8,998.34
In Stock!
CA FS90 Control Board ASSY 8AC REV 16
14505104-005 SN#7JX9
FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
$1,655.24  $955.24
In Stock!
S1000 DGP Analog Input Board Assy H Rev 5
14501704-001 SN# 4FD7
This board is used in the S1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 system.
$1,267.72  $1,067.72
In Stock!
Delta 1000 Power Supply
Delta 1000 System Power Supply
$18,892.98  $17,287.21
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7515B3011 SR#9624024164
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers. Includes integral damper motor.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
Repair XC6010 Processor Module
Repair information for the XC6010 CPU/Processor module for the XL500 Controllers in the XL5000 family of controllers
In Stock!
The Excel 10 Zone Manager provides energy management functions and communication interfaces between EXCEL 5000 and Excel 10 Echelon LONWORKS (E-Bus) network. It also maps Excel 10 subsystem points into C-Bus points.
$1,699.00  $1,199.00
In Stock!
FS 90 Initiating Board AA REV 5
14505106-001 S/N 58FK
FS90 Circuit initiating board AA tested 100% in actual system environment with our proprietary diagnostics software.
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
FS 90 Intelligent Loop control Board AE Rev N/A Assy W
14505132-002 SN BYCH
FS 90 AE Board
$2,133.22  $1,495.22
In Stock!
Inteconnect cable for XBS-I/Graphic Central Gateway Boards
$434.30  $398.45
In Stock!
EBI Engineering PC R300
Dell Engineering/Training PC with CARE 1.5.xx/E-vision and EBI R300 Test Software installed.
$89,995.00  $79,995.00
In Stock!
Honeywell 14505112-002 Repair Service
FS90 Digital Output Board
In Stock!
AC FS90 Initiating Board REV 3
14505106-002 SN# 2588-1
The AC board initiating board monitors contact devices for alarm/trouble conditions.
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
S1000 Control Board Assy F Rev 4
14501880-001 #7645
S1000 4 popint start/stop board for the Series 1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 System. SR#7645
$1,737.99  $691.22
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7515B9019 SR#9624024239
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
LC D1000 Communications Board SR# 8719 REV 2 ASSY A DTC 1986
14505122-002 SN# 8719
Delta 1000 Communications Board
$2,565.92  $1,995.87
In Stock!
57F2706 SR#7EF7
4-port board for the Honeywell Delta Upgrade system.
$9,883.67  $8,923.88
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7516B3011 SR#9621024147
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers. Includes integral damper motor.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
Delta 1000 600 Baud Tone Transmission Channel Card Assy G Rev 8
Repair 14502290-001
Delta 1000 600 Baud Tone Transmission Channel Card
In Stock!
S1000 Control Board Assy G Rev N/A
14501990-001 SR# 7714
S1000 Control board for the Series 1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 System.
$2,698.34  $1,998.34
In Stock!
Repair W965A1005
Repair information for W965A1005
In Stock!
S1000 DGP  Control II Board
Repair 14501708-005/003/002
Repair information for D1K/D2K Control II Board
In Stock!
This board is a small foot print design board to interface FS90 panels to Delta 1000 CPU channels via tone interface. Programming/engineering/required. No EPROM on board.
$450.29  $230.40
In Stock!
14501874-001 Assy H REV8 #8306
14501874-001 S/N 8306 -8
$756.81  $595.00
In Stock!
Delta 1000 S1000 4 point start/stop board
$1,737.99  $691.22
In Stock!
Neptronic Actuator With 3/4" Valve
Neptronic Actuator AT100/AQT100A Includes 3/4" Vlave
$395.78  $214.98
In Stock!
14501880-001 Assy J REV 5 SR# 8745
14501880-001 SR#8745
D1K/D2K 4 point start/stop board
$1,737.99  $691.22
In Stock!
ADA-24060-UL SR# YEF4
$4,595.34  $3,989.45
In Stock!
Deltanet Excel Plus Controller Board
Repair R7044AXXX
Used in the DeltaNet Excel Plus Automation System. Board is totally programmable Using Deltanet Pascal Language. There are many classes available on it. Check CEYETS.COM
In Stock!
Series 60 Actuator Motor Holder Tray
Metal Tray Specially Designed for Honeywell Series 60 Motor for Damper or Valve Control in VAV Applications.
$19.95  $14.91
In Stock!
Card Reader Board AR Rev N/A Assy B
14506930-001 SN# 4Y6T
FS90 Card Reader board. This board has Firmware on it. Firmware sold separately. Please, call for information, (651)442-9044.
$1,983.20  $997.32
In Stock!
LC D1000 Communications Board REV 4 ASSY F DTC 1986
14505122-002 SN 0LMB
Delta 1000 Communications Board. Board is missing the communication LEDs. Works Fine.
$2,565.92  $1,995.87
In Stock!
Excel Plus Controller for Building Automation Assy F Rev 6
R7044E1092 SR# 5FH8
Used in the DeltaNet Excel Plus Automation System. Board is totally programmable Using Deltanet Pascal Language. There are many classes available on it. Check CEYETS.COM
$3,499.99  $2,997.89
In Stock!
Repair for Excel Classic System I/O Board
CITS R7511A1012 Repair Service
Repair information R7511A1012
In Stock!
Repair 14506988-001
Repair Information for AO Expansion Board Daughter Board
In Stock!
Delta 1000 Memory Card Assy B Rev 2
14505352-001 SN# 8449
Delta 1000 Memory Card
$2,495.34  $2,389.45
D1000 Tone Transmission Board Assy C Rev N/A
CITS 14502296-006/005 Repair Service
D1K/D2K Tone Transmission
In Stock!
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Your item may be repairable!


Before you buy a new item, please call us. Your item may be repairable. The way an item is repaired at CITS, it virtually becomes a NEW ITEM and takes a new lease on life. Some companies have this idea that they need to use new items only. But the fact is that new items may not be available and moreover they may be so expensive as to be prohibitive. We can reapir your item instead or sell you a rebuilt one that will perform just as well, if not better. We can also configure the part for you right at your site. We have all tools and documenttion to do that. Even if you do not have your site database and/or others may have given up on your system, we have the tools to work with your system and we will and can help you.


Repair tip


If you want to find out if an item is repairable or not, simply put the word "Repair"in front of the part number and use it in our Site Search Box. The website will tell you if the item is repairable or not.  If the repair information comes up, the item is repairble. If the search engine finds nothing then the item is not repairable and you will need to purchase one.

In that case call (651)442-9044 and arrange for your purchase. If the item is repairable, follow the links provided to schedule your repairs.



Your System is Fully Repairable!


Hold on there! Before you opt for that costly upgrade, look at the options. Your system may be repairable and capable of full operation for many more years. Call CITS, (651)442-9044 for a full analysis of your system. We can send an engineer to your site to evaluate your system in short order. We can reapair just about all Honeywell systems or we can re-program/re-engineer them to your new specifications so that your system is more in line with the changed usage of the site. Call (651)442-9044 to schedule a site evaluation service. You will be pleased with the result!

CITS Emergency Response
We evaluate your current system right on your site and submit a complete report that spells out what your system is capable of doing, what it will take to make it do that and whether the current functionality is close to what your current needs are and whether or not you need a new system or an upgrade is in order. This detailed report can only be completed by a CITS professional. The cost of this service is a mere $1590.00 and includes all expenses. The site visit is typically a one day affair and a site person knowledgeable about the geography of the site must be available for one day.  You can schedule a site visit at any time by calling Riaz Hussain, (651)414-3096 or (651)442-9044, Mobile. You can also email the engineer, Your report will show all your options and also show a particular recommended solution that will be the most cost effective alternative. Did you find what you were looking for? No? Did you call me?  Please call me. The phone is ON 24/7/365, (651)442-9044. 
Your Problem Resolution is a phone call away! Call CITS Today for your problem resolution. Are you looking for a hard to find part? Need a repair job done?   Call CITS for any and all problems. Call (651)442- 9044. Call any time.

CITS Repairable Parts List

This is just a partial list of most commonly repaired items and is not meant to be exhaustive. If your item is not listed, please call (651)442- 9044 for repair availability/information. All repairs prices are subject to constant change and cannot be listed. To schedule a repair, call (651)442- 9044 or click  HERE.
You can also use the System Search Box on this website to to find if a part is repairable. When the item is found, the description will state if it is repairable. If it does not, then you may have to purchase the item. Also check the Repair Tips paragraph, supra.

14501704- 001


14503168- 002


14501708- 002/003/005


14501874- 001


14501876- 001


14501880- 001/002


14502354- 002


14505128- 001/002


14506344- 001                                                  Continued...


The CITS Difference (More of them!)


1. When they say they are out of stock, we have them in stock.
2. When they have no stock, they still give you a price! When we have no stock, we sell for 'free'.
3. When they say their item is used, we know a lot of times it is not tested. When we say the items is used, it is tested 100% in the natural relevant system environment with our own diagnostics programs. 
4. Can they service and engineer/re-enginer your system?

5. Can they configure/install the part they are selling you?
6. Can they repair the parts they are selling you?
7. Do they have all the diagnostics/Engineering tools?
8. Can they re-create your system database?
9.  Are they recommending costly upgrades because they do not know what system you have, let alone FIX what you have?
10. Do they have all the answers?

11. Do they have to call "somebody" before they can answer your questions?
12. Are they waiting for some part to arrive from Germany or Canada?

13. Are they "sourcing" your part? Looking/surfing the WEB over and over again?
14. Do they know any workaround your problem?
15. Do they give you up front repair prices or are they preparing an "estimate"?
16. Are they able to move forward or are they just going to get "back"to you?
17. Do they give you your options in the clearest possible terms or it is just the the one word mantra, "upgrade"?
18. Are they able to configure "their own" systems to your requirements or do they  need more "time"?

19. Can they deal with your system or are they calling a "service provider" or another "expert"?

20. Are they calling "original supplier/installer" for help with your system?
21. Did they recommend calling original supplier or vendor or installer or programmer?

22. Did the original supplier supply all the software/documentation and databases for your site?

23. Is your vendor able to work with your system without any documentation or database?
24. Is your system limping along and you have to use workarounds?

CITS will free you from all these problems and many more, once and for all. CITS will get you a maintenance system that will cost you next to nothing.
CITS does not have service charges that are out of this world.
CITS wil fix it NO matter what your problem.
CITS will not call anybody.
CITS will give your current system a new LEASE on life.
CITS will not need any schematics or diagrams.
CITS will re-create your system database, if necessary.
CITS will not be "sourcing" parts for you. It will have them!
CITS wil fly out to your site, no matter where it is.
CITS can diagnose your problem, just standing there.
CITS can fix your system quickly and accurately and in short order.
CITS will rid you of the shooting in the dark style diagnostics and amateurish working with the system using the internet. CITS will rid you of the need to read all those "old wives tales" on the so-called user groups and others that worked with the system once and a long time ago. The internet and user groups will not solve your problems. CITS will.

CITS will free you from the endless searching on the internet for your problems and the agony that goes with it.

CITS takes the guess work out of the trouble-shooting business.
Call CITS today, (651)442-9044 and get to your problem resolution and end the internet searches and the endless searches for parts when you may not even know if you need the parts in the first place! Get the answers today. Set up an on-site systems evaluation visit today and get cracking on this problem that has been dragging on for months and even years. CITS can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. You can get your system working for a fraction of the money compared to the cost of a system replacement or upgrade.
(651)442- 9044

CITS Circuit Board Repair Services

You will be sending your part to them. They will not know what to charge you since they probably have never seen the board before or know what that board does.They will then look for the schematrics or other drawings for the board and check the resisters and other components to see they are in place. If not, they will order those parts from a local electronics store and sodder them on the board. Depending on what time it takes to get the resistors and diodes and other components on the board properly attahed they will send you an estimate that will look very prefessional. When the board looks pretty good and close to all the pictures as to what it should look like or the specifications for the board if they have them, they will send it back to you. They will not be able to test them in the NATIVE system since they will not have any labs or systems runing to test them. Or they will not have have any diagnostics program to live-test the board. When the board gets to you there is only a 50/50 chance that it will work and can actually cause damage to the rest of the system and it may even smoke! Then you would be on the Net again to get your money back and there will be a whole bunch of emails going back and forth before you get your board back, let alone fixed. And if the board has firmware on it, they will most cetainly destroy it. After you get your money back and hopefully the board (now probably) unrepairable, you will start the the whole process again. Then why Don't we Use CITS Repair Services, the most advanced in the business! Send the board to CITS that has an upfront repair price, no matter what the problem with the board. Leave your firmware on the board, it will be safe. We have more copies of ALL firmware. You don't need to worry! Your board will be tested in an actual live system and with our own special diagnostics programs. No one else has those testing tools! Your repaired board will not smoke! We will give complete technical support with the board. We will configure it for you at your site for additinal charges. We wil get the board to do what it is supposed to do. We do a 72 hour burn-in of the board. When it leaves our LABS it will be rock solid. You can count on it. If it does not work we will show you what else is wrong at your site and we can hunt that down with an on-site test and checkout service. We can show you our repaired board working to prove that there are other problesm at your site and that you can always schedule a site test and checkout service before starting to send in parts for repair that actually may not need any servie or repair! If your board is functional in our labs we will charge you a testing fee of only $99.00 and return the baord to you. We will then advise you to schedule a site test and checkout service. This will, incidentally, also show that someone at your site is trying to do what we call a shoot in the dark test and checkout service and sending in parts for repair that are not the problem at all! Please let us do the right service for you. We are equipped for that. Most service providers are not equipped to do that. They can do hardware replacements only. You will not be wasting money. You will be saving money and actulay time which is even more valuable than money! We will repair the board no matter what the problem unless it is shorted or is unrepairbale, a rare occurence. We can re-program and configure any board that you send us. We know all about all the boards that we repair.

Click here to start the Simplest Repair Protocol on earth!

Riaz Hussain, Automation Systems Specialist

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