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Are your air handlers running efficiently?

If your ANSWER is 'Yes' to any of these thoughts, then please click here to get on your way to a Quick and Dramatic solution.

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Systems Contract

Maintenance Services

CITS has developed a unique contract maintenance service offering for all Fire Alarm and HVAC Automation Systems. The basic premise is this:

"The contract service is setup to maintain a system at its optimal level by providing a level and quantity of service that is necessary and is not the full avalability service, which ordinarily is not required since if the system installed was any good in the first place it would not need the full availlability service."

Translation: If a system is properly engineered, programmed and installed it would not and should not need frequent and costly repairs and maintenance visits from the provider. Therefore, a 'Needs Only" maintenance serice should be enough. This minimal but necessary serive is what CITS provides instead of a so-called full "peace of mind" insurance type contract that the providers are always looking to provide to make the most dollars! CITS has extensive experience and has found that a "Needs Only" service contract is ideal for all customers and especially for School Districts and other fixed or low budgent entities.

This unique service is a 4 part system:

1.   Your personnel or selected members thereof are first trained on the specific hardware at your site so that they can perform all necessary PM and hardware maintenance on the remote and panel devices under the guidance and support of the CITS engineers. This also allows them to communicate effectively with the CITS service personnal when necessary.

2.   We supply all the hardware and repair parts and repair services that your system will or may ever need. We guarantee availability and repair of all parts no matter who the vendor is.

3.   A CITS peron visits your site every 3 month to take care of any engineering and other non-normal problems and any additions and modifications you may need. CITS has all tools to perform these modifications and additions and can service/supply any and all complex or simple enginering right on your site to all of your front- end and remote hardware and can perfrom all database and engineering changes that you may require. Indeed CITS has the capability to re-engineer the entire job at your site and to configure application programs that even the original supplier either did not know how to provide or said that the software was not designed to provide. CITS has a workaround around every situation or problem, no matter what it is. Remember, 'They may have developed it or installed it but only CITS can make it do any and everyrhing that you need done and in the simplest and most cost- effective way'.

4.    On emergencies a CITS person shows your staff a workaround around the current problem and then shows up in person in short order to resolve your problem permanently.

This 4-point system is all at the cost of actual service cost and there are no annual or monthly 'fluffy' large sums to pay off regardless of the actual service(s) rendered or not rendered. Call CITS today to start this service for your site and say good bye to all service problems forever. Everything is done for you. We do it all and for a mere pittance. Call (651)442-9044 today and speak to Riaz Hussain. In this day and age if you have not USED CITS, you are burning your money and burning it with each day that dawns. IT IS YOUR CALL.



You can get a handle on your system TODAY! Please call me (651)442- 9044, RH


The CITS Difference


Did you know the CITS Difference?

Here it is:

'THEY' can repair it. 'THEY' can source it.

But CITS is repairing it already and has it  already!

They can give you PLANS to SOLVE the problems.

They can attempt to reconfigure or try to get you what you need.They can sell you a new one which will have the same problems as the old one in due course if not to begin with. You can count on it. They will not be able to solve their own engineering propblems. They will be calling the experts from Canada or India or Germany or they will be calling the main office in say 'Connecticut' or Albuquerque, New mexico or North Carolina and what have you or they willl be sourcing the parts they don't have OVER THE INTERNET or won't have the database and their expertts will not be able to accomodate your needs. So the bottom line will be a Brand New system and they will have trouble delivering that too.

Here is what CITS engineers can do!!

Our expert will not be calling or geting on the phone to get some approval or some technical help.

He will not be 'getting back' to you. He will be THERE.

He will give you the answer just standing there.

He can configure your system and reprogram it jsut standing there.

He can give the estimate just standing there.

He does not need the CAD/CAM to figure out your problem.

He does not need any help figuring out the wiring.

He does not need any drawings.

He just needs your requirements in plaine English!

He can get your sytem to do what no one can.

He can fix your system for a life time of savings.

You will not need a monstrous outlay for a new system.

You will not need to spend tax dollars or any dollars to get the slightest change in functionality.

He will not need to source a part. Not only he can get a part needed for whatever system you have. He actually has it!

He does not need to call somebody to move forward. He can move forward when you want to.

With him it is not when he can deliver. It is when you can get the money to move forward.

It is not when he can do it. It is when you want it.

There is no guesswork.

He is not a service provider or a technician that can power cycle your system and then call a super tech or a manager that does not know your sytem to begin with!

He can do any and everytrhing with your system if and when you want it.

He will not be looking to rope you into a contract. He will show you how to take care of your own system.

He will not talk about 'ifs' and 'ands' and 'buts'.

You will not be pulling any teeth. You would not need to be a dentist. You will not be calling a manager, or a branch manager of a large service provider that will show you an elaborate procedure that has to happen before anyhitng gets done. The long procedure is simply a smoke screen. They know nothing about your system. They are just gaining some time to get someone in there that can 'look' into it and 'take care' of it for them so they look 'Good' . But the CITS engineer instead will be DOING it already! The CITS Engineer does not need to look "Good". He is "Good".

He will take on what others will refuse to take ON. You can test that. Just ask him anything. See what he says!!

If you do not have the site databse or were never given one due to the so-called legal technicalites or Liability Arguments, he will recreate the databse no matter how large or small your system is.  JUST ABOUT NO ONE WILL TAKE THAT ON!!!

He will save you hundreds and thousands.....

Remember He is an Engineering Specialist...

BY the time you get your 'ducks in a row' and get done looking at all your 'options', and all your 'inputs'  he will have fixed your problem already!

Call CITS Today, (651)442-9044, and stop the anguish, and the madness.!

Get rid of those 'sticky notes' on the CRT and the 'special notes' on the 'bulletin board' with instructions for the next operator. Let the operator be what he is supposed to be, an operator and not a 'worker- arounder' failing hardware/software. Spare him the barrage of special instrcutions until the system can be fixed. Get it fixed already.....Months have gone by....

Call today, (651)442-9044.

The engineer par excellence can be there next Monday, any Monday...


What are you Doing?

We can HELP and right NOW!


Are you a Service Provider?

Are you a System Owner?

Are you with the Dallas/Fort Worth Air port?

Are you with the Atlanta Airport?

Are you with the Pittsburgh Airport?

Are you with any airport?

Are you with Travis Air Force Base?

Are you with Fort Bragg?

Are you with Camp Pandleton?

Are you with any air force or military air base?

Are you any branch of the Federal or State Government?

I know your systems up one side and down the other. I have all the parts and any and all the services for all your systems. Call for free consultation. I can visit your site and solve all problems and concerns in short order! Please call me today, Riaz Hussain (651)442- 9044.
About Corporate Information Technology Services

Call (651)442-9044 Anytime, from Anywhere, for Anything!


Yes, CITS ships parts anywhere in the WORLD!

Yes, you can buy any part or system ON- LINE!

Or You can call your PART IN!

And Yes, You can discuss your system/part with a fully Empowered Engineer!

You can schedule an on site evaluation of your system, immediately! 





Advanced Circuit Board Repair

CITS can Repair all circuit boards for all vendors such as Siemens, Andover, Simplex- Grinnel, Edwards, General Electric, to name a few. CITS will meet or beat any repair price from any vendor/repair site. Try us today. Click here to start your repair procedure.



 CITS Emergency Response Center

If your sytem has an emergency and you are in the US please, call (651)442- 9044 before 2PM CST. A fully  empopwered CITS Engineer and NOT a Service Technician will report at your site by 10AM the  next day. The engineer will figure out your problem within 2 hours and if you commit to repair, the engineer will be on his way to your problem resolution by the 3rd hour!  Try us today. Click here to start your Problem Resolution Procedure.


The Delta 1000 and Honeywell Legacy Systems

CITS services/supports all Alpha/Delta 1000 configurations and all Honeywell Legacy Systems. CITS has all parts available for these systems and can also repair them all. For all training on this system visit CEYETS.COM. We provide installation/service/support/training for these systems in any and all parts of the world. Please call Riaz Hussain (651)442-9044 for all service/Support questions on these systems. All Delta 1000 parts are available immediately and can also be repaired.

CITS Services/Supports/Installs all EBI Systems

In the below article I will dwell on the great versatility of the EBI sytem. It is  not possible to provide full details on this great and state of the art system here. For more information on training and other configurations on this system visit CEYETS.COM. You can always call for any and every help on this and many, many other systems, (651)442-9044. We have all parts, support, service and engineering for this system for any and every part of the world.  It is not about whether or not we can do what we assert  here. It is about whether or not you really want your systems serviced and rid of any and all pronlems. Click here to start your Problem Resolution Procedure.


The Problem of FS90/FS90 Plus/ Delta 1000 System Detectors 

Are you having problems finding/locating smoke detectors and other I/O devices for FS90/FS90 Plus and Delta 1000 Fire and Security Systems? CITS services/supports all FS90/FS90 Plus and Alpha/Delta 1000 Fire Configurations. CITS has all detectors available for these and many other systems. Please don't waste your time. Call us today and we will supply all your needs in short order. We have all engineering available for these systems and can program/reprogram these systems in any configuration that you require. If you do not have your site DATABASE for your site, we will re- create it for you. No matter how complicaed or large your system or how small we will address it immediately and will make it take a new LEASE on LIFE. We can save you millions of dollars immediaely. We provide service/support/training for these systems in any and all parts of the world. Call us today (651)442-9044 for all service/support questions on these or any other systems. 

Riaz Hussain, The Engineering Specialist

Corporate Information Technology Services

1901 Lexington Avenue N

St Paul MN 55113

(651)442- 9044

Featured Items
CITS XF522A Repair Service
Repair Information for Analog Output Module for XL500 Controller
In Stock!
Tone Transmission Board LD Assy B REV 2
Repair 14505128-001/002
Repair Information for Delta 1000 Tone Transmission Interface Board LD For the FS90 System.
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7516B3011 SR#9621024199
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers. Includes integral damper motor.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
14506788-004 SR#6KVA
FS90 RS232 Printer and Display Board LH
$9,932.81  $9,679.67
In Stock!
UL Listed LAN Interface to connect XLS1000/XLS200 Fire and Security panels to EBI or XBS Front Ends. Complete assembly. Includes power supply and LAN card.
$10,999.99  $9,199.99
In Stock!
14505126-001 SN# 8Q1G
Controls output circuits (i.e) horns, bells, flashers. This device is typical in FS90 systems.
$995.98  $595.20
In Stock!
XBS-i Software 2.3.3
Base Software and Software Release Bulletin
$14,987.67  $12,895.00
In Stock!
Dukane End of Line Sense Card
$969.26  $649.21
In Stock!
14505104-005 SN OXBO
FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
$1,655.24  $955.24
In Stock!
$4,596.22  $3,586.37
In Stock!
CA FS90 Control Board ASSY AC REV 16
14505104-005 SN# 6GWT
FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
$1,655.24  $955.24
In Stock!
Honeywell Customer Program Pak
Honeywell CPP Engineering program.
$98,982.39  $788,882.74
In Stock!
Bus Repeater Board for Micro/Macrocel System Assy B Rev 6
Repair 14506892-001
Repair Information for Bus Repeater Board for the MCEL System
In Stock!
FS90  CA Control Board REV O ASSY AH DC 7/1/86
14505104-005 SN#5NWQ
FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
$1,655.24  $955.24
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7516B3030 SR#082804404030
This Controller is used in VAV systems for room temperature and air flow control. Used but tested and 100% operational. Software licence agreement required. Item comes with a resident applicaation and is 100% programmable.
$985.17  $628.79
In Stock!
Initiating Board AC REV 3 Assy B
14505106-002 SR# 1C3A
Input Board
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
Audio/Phone Select/Control SB SD SF FS90 Board REV 2 ASSY B
CITS 14506302-002/003/004 Repair Service
FS90 System Phone/Audio Control Board
In Stock!
The Excel 10 Zone Manager provides energy management functions and communication interfaces between EXCEL 5000 and Excel 10 Echelon LONWORKS (E-Bus) network. It also maps Excel 10 subsystem points into C-Bus points.
$1,699.00  $1,199.00
In Stock!
FS 90 Intelligent Loop control Board AE Rev N/A Assy O
14505132-002 SN# 595P
FS 90 AE Board
$2,133.22  $1,495.22
In Stock!
XBS-i - Dell OptiPlex GX100 PC
Dell PC with Honeywell XBS-i 2.3.3 Software installed
$29,895.79  $27,978.21
In Stock!
S1000 Control Board Assy P Rev 11
14501706-002 SR# 8645
S1000 Control board for the Series 1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 System.
$1,698.34  $1,498.34
In Stock!
14501892-001 SR# 7641
Delta 1000 Cuurent Loop Board
$3,938.47  $2,975.09
In Stock!
Repair XF529
Repair Information Digital Output module for XL5000 System controller XL500
In Stock!
CITS R7515B1032 Repair Service
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers.
In Stock!
Deltanet FS90 Power Supply
CITS 14505148-001 Repair Service
Deltanet FS90 System Power Supply
In Stock!
Delta 1000 Power Supply
CITSl 14503200-XXX Repair Service
Delta 1000 System Power Supply
In Stock!
Delta 1000 8K Memory Board
CITS 14502816-001 Repair Service
Delta 1000 Memory Board. Requires configuration via on board switches.
In Stock!
Control Logic Module L3 for FS20 DGP
Control Logic Module L3 for the FS20 DGP Domestic: TDH, DTHD, or TFD
$3,981.96  $3,789.27
In Stock!
DellaNet Interface Board Assy H Rev N/A
Repair 14506492-007
Interface board for L1, and F & S buses.
In Stock!
D1000 Point Analog Input Board 7A1 Assy A REV 2
CITS 14502572-001 Repair Service
Delta 1000 Point Analog Input Board 7A1
In Stock!
AC FS90 Initiating Board Rev 3 Assy N/A
14505106-002 S/N 25881
This is an input board for security applications such as doors. Similar to the AA board which is used for fire applications.
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7516B3011 SR#9624024158
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers. Includes integral damper motor.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
Deltanet Microcel Controller
R7515B9019 SR#9621024195
This Controller is used in the Deltanet Excel Plus System. It is tied to the Excel Plus Controllers via a proprietary C-NAP bus and is a programmable VAV controler unlike other Application Specific Controllers.
$1,259.39  $678.29
In Stock!
Delta 1000 PROM Board Assy N/A Rev 12
14501692-001 S/N# 8210
Delta 1000 PROM (OS) Board.
$3,495.34  $2,389.45
In Stock!
ADA-24060-UL SR# YEF4
$4,595.34  $3,989.45
In Stock!
S1000 Control Board Assy K Rev 8
14501706-002 SN# 7819
S1000 Control board for the Series 1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 System.
$1,498.34  $1,298.34
In Stock!
14505110-001 SR# 9088 Assy C Rev 3
Controls output circuits (i.e) horns, bells, flashers. This device is typical in FS90 systems.
$995.98  $595.20
In Stock!
CA FS90 Control Board
14505104-002 REV 8 S/N 0003998
FS90 Fire Alarm System Control Board TESTED 100% with our own Proprietary Diagnostics Software.
$1,655.24  $955.24
In Stock!
CITS XC5010C Processor Module Repair Service
Repair information for the XC5010C CPU/Processor module for the XL500 Controllers in the XL5000 family of controllers
In Stock!
CITS XL80 Repair Service
This item is the repair information for the XL80 series of controllers for the XL5000 Family.
In Stock!
S1000 DGP Power Supply Board
Honeywell 14501878-001/002 Repair Service
Repair Service for S1000 DGP Power Supply Board for the Honeywell Delta 1000 System.
In Stock!
FS20 Zone Board Rev 10 Assy N/A
14502384-001 SR# C19F1
FS20 Zone Initiator Board
$2,961.96  $2,889.87
In Stock!
S1000 DGP Analog Input Board Assy H Rev 5
14501704-001 SN 7645
This board is used in the S1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 system.
$1,267.72  $1,067.72
In Stock!
Product Description Honeywell TP970B2077 Reverse Acting 60F To 90F Throttling Range 2F To 10F Small Wall Plate And Satin Chrome Cover Convertastat Kit
$181.23  $141.29
In Stock!
S1000 Digital Input Board Assy K Rev 9
CITS 14501702-001 Repair Service
Repair information for Digital Input Board used in the S1000 DGP in the Honeywell Delta 1000 system.
In Stock!
14501874-001 Assy H Rev 8
CITS 14501874-001 Repair Service
Repair Information for D1K/D2K CPA Board
In Stock!
LC D1000 Communications Board
Repair 14505122-001/002
Delta 1000 Communications Board.
In Stock!
LJ FS90 Communications Board
Honeywell 14506344-001 Repair Service
Repair Information for RS485 and Display Board
In Stock!
S1200 DGP Circuit Board 3S1 Assy G REV 9
14500108-003 SR# C46E
S1200 DGP Board 1S3
$2,565.92  $1,695.87
In Stock!
Complete Delta 1000 Wall or stand mounted Strip Printer. Tested and fully functional. Individual parts available.
$5,999.99  $4,999.99
In Stock!
FS 90 Intelligent Loop Control Board AE Rev N/A Assy W
14505132-002 SN 96N5
FS 90 AE Board
$2,133.22  $1,495.22
In Stock!
FS 90 Initiating Board AA REV 4
14505106-001 S/N 53DB
FS90 Circuit initiating board AA tested 100% in actual system environment with our proprietary diagnostics software.
$795.20  $695.32
In Stock!
Excel 10 Unit Ventilator controller
This is an Excel 10 Controller in the Honeywell XL5000 family of Controllers.
$1,622.78  $1,415.22
In Stock!
Transmission Line Interface Board
14501710-003 SN 7732
Transmission Line Interface Board for the FS20 DGP for use in L1 and L5 Modules. Fanning Strip not included. Order separately. Board is obsolete but available. Replacement: 14501710-004 or 001 Transmission Format DC 1200, 2 Wire
$1,698.34  $998.34
In Stock!
14501874-001 Assy H REV8 #8749
14501874-001 S/N 8749
$763.22  $595.00
In Stock!
14502354-002 Assy G
14502354-002 Assy G #68
Used in the Peripheral Control Unit (PCU), an earlier front end for the Delta1000 System.
$795.00  $342.98
In Stock!
W1002 Control C Board
Honeywell 14501660-001 Repair Service
Repair information for W1002 module of the D1K System.
In Stock!
XBS-i/Graphic Central Gateway Communications Board Rev N/A Assy S
14506406-001 SR# 61AV
Gateway Communications Board used in Graphic Central/XBS-i Systems. Firmware sold separately. Item is in short supply!
$11,998.34  $8,998.34
In Stock!
$119.67  $79.95
In Stock!
Parts for Honeywell Automation Systems, Old & New. Extensive Repair Service of Honeywell, Johnson Controls, & Siemens Systems. Parts, Repairs, Installation Service, Systems Support, Service, or Training.
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Repair Tips
Valuable Information for Your Repair Needs!


Your item may be repairable!


Before you buy a new item, please call us. Your item may be repairable. The way an item is repaired at CITS, it virtually becomes a NEW ITEM and takes a new lease on life. Some companies have this idea that they need to use new items only. But the fact is that new items may not be available and moreover they may be so expensive as to be prohibitive. We can reapir your item instead or sell you a rebuilt one that will perform just as well, if not better. We can also configure the part for you right at your site. We have all tools and documenttion to do that. Even if you do not have your site database and/or others may have given up on your system, we have the tools to work with your system and we will and can help you.


Repair tip


If you want to find out if an item is repairable or not, simply put the word "Repair"in front of the part number and use it in our Site Search Box. The website will tell you if the item is repairable or not.  If the repair information comes up, the item is repairble. If the search engine finds nothing then the item is not repairable and you will need to purchase one.

In that case call (651)442-9044 and arrange for your purchase. If the item is repairable, follow the links provided to schedule your repairs.



Your System is Fully Repairable!


Hold on there! Before you opt for that costly upgrade, look at the options. Your system may be repairable and capable of full operation for many more years. Call CITS, (651)442-9044 for a full analysis of your system. We can send an engineer to your site to evaluate your system in short order. We can reapair just about all Honeywell systems or we can re-program/re-engineer them to your new specifications so that your system is more in line with the changed usage of the site. Call (651)442-9044 to schedule a site evaluation service. You will be pleased with the result!

CITS Emergency Response
We evaluate your current system right on your site and submit a complete report that spells out what your system is capable of doing, what it will take to make it do that and whether the current functionality is close to what your current needs are and whether or not you need a new system or an upgrade is in order. This detailed report can only be completed by a CITS professional. The cost of this service is a mere $1590.00 and includes all expenses. The site visit is typically a one day affair and a site person knowledgeable about the geography of the site must be available for one day.  You can schedule a site visit at any time by calling Riaz Hussain, (651)414-3096 or (651)442-9044, Mobile. You can also email the engineer, Your report will show all your options and also show a particular recommended solution that will be the most cost effective alternative. Did you find what you were looking for? No? Did you call me?  Please call me. The phone is ON 24/7/365, (651)442-9044. 
Your Problem Resolution is a phone call away! Call CITS Today for your problem resolution. Are you looking for a hard to find part? Need a repair job done?   Call CITS for any and all problems. Call (651)442- 9044. Call any time.

CITS Repairable Parts List

This is just a partial list of most commonly repaired items and is not meant to be exhaustive. If your item is not listed, please call (651)442- 9044 for repair availability/information. All repairs prices are subject to constant change and cannot be listed. To schedule a repair, call (651)442- 9044 or click  HERE.
You can also use the System Search Box on this website to to find if a part is repairable. When the item is found, the description will state if it is repairable. If it does not, then you may have to purchase the item. Also check the Repair Tips paragraph, supra.

14501704- 001


14503168- 002


14501708- 002/003/005


14501874- 001


14501876- 001


14501880- 001/002


14502354- 002


14505128- 001/002


14506344- 001                                                  Continued...


The CITS Difference (More of them!)


1. When they say they are out of stock, we have them in stock.
2. When they have no stock, they still give you a price! When we have no stock, we sell for 'free'.
3. When they say their item is used, we know a lot of times it is not tested. When we say the items is used, it is tested 100% in the natural relevant system environment with our own diagnostics programs. 
4. Can they service and engineer/re-enginer your system?

5. Can they configure/install the part they are selling you?
6. Can they repair the parts they are selling you?
7. Do they have all the diagnostics/Engineering tools?
8. Can they re-create your system database?
9.  Are they recommending costly upgrades because they do not know what system you have, let alone FIX what you have?
10. Do they have all the answers?

11. Do they have to call "somebody" before they can answer your questions?
12. Are they waiting for some part to arrive from Germany or Canada?

13. Are they "sourcing" your part? Looking/surfing the WEB over and over again?
14. Do they know any workaround your problem?
15. Do they give you up front repair prices or are they preparing an "estimate"?
16. Are they able to move forward or are they just going to get "back"to you?
17. Do they give you your options in the clearest possible terms or it is just the the one word mantra, "upgrade"?
18. Are they able to configure "their own" systems to your requirements or do they  need more "time"?

19. Can they deal with your system or are they calling a "service provider" or another "expert"?

20. Are they calling "original supplier/installer" for help with your system?
21. Did they recommend calling original supplier or vendor or installer or programmer?

22. Did the original supplier supply all the software/documentation and databases for your site?

23. Is your vendor able to work with your system without any documentation or database?
24. Is your system limping along and you have to use workarounds?

CITS will free you from all these problems and many more, once and for all. CITS will get you a maintenance system that will cost you next to nothing.
CITS does not have service charges that are out of this world.
CITS wil fix it NO matter what your problem.
CITS will not call anybody.
CITS will give your current system a new LEASE on life.
CITS will not need any schematics or diagrams.
CITS will re-create your system database, if necessary.
CITS will not be "sourcing" parts for you. It will have them!
CITS wil fly out to your site, no matter where it is.
CITS can diagnose your problem, just standing there.
CITS can fix your system quickly and accurately and in short order.
CITS will rid you of the shooting in the dark style diagnostics and amateurish working with the system using the internet. CITS will rid you of the need to read all those "old wives tales" on the so-called user groups and others that worked with the system once and a long time ago. The internet and user groups will not solve your problems. CITS will.

CITS will free you from the endless searching on the internet for your problems and the agony that goes with it.

CITS takes the guess work out of the trouble-shooting business.
Call CITS today, (651)442-9044 and get to your problem resolution and end the internet searches and the endless searches for parts when you may not even know if you need the parts in the first place! Get the answers today. Set up an on-site systems evaluation visit today and get cracking on this problem that has been dragging on for months and even years. CITS can save you hundreds and thousands of dollars. You can get your system working for a fraction of the money compared to the cost of a system replacement or upgrade.
(651)442- 9044

CITS Circuit Board Repair Services

You will be sending your part to them. They will not know what to charge you since they probably have never seen the board before or know what that board does.They will then look for the schematrics or other drawings for the board and check the resisters and other components to see they are in place. If not, they will order those parts from a local electronics store and sodder them on the board. Depending on what time it takes to get the resistors and diodes and other components on the board properly attahed they will send you an estimate that will look very prefessional. When the board looks pretty good and close to all the pictures as to what it should look like or the specifications for the board if they have them, they will send it back to you. They will not be able to test them in the NATIVE system since they will not have any labs or systems runing to test them. Or they will not have have any diagnostics program to live-test the board. When the board gets to you there is only a 50/50 chance that it will work and can actually cause damage to the rest of the system and it may even smoke! Then you would be on the Net again to get your money back and there will be a whole bunch of emails going back and forth before you get your board back, let alone fixed. And if the board has firmware on it, they will most cetainly destroy it. After you get your money back and hopefully the board (now probably) unrepairable, you will start the the whole process again. Then why Don't we Use CITS Repair Services, the most advanced in the business! Send the board to CITS that has an upfront repair price, no matter what the problem with the board. Leave your firmware on the board, it will be safe. We have more copies of ALL firmware. You don't need to worry! Your board will be tested in an actual live system and with our own special diagnostics programs. No one else has those testing tools! Your repaired board will not smoke! We will give complete technical support with the board. We will configure it for you at your site for additinal charges. We wil get the board to do what it is supposed to do. We do a 72 hour burn-in of the board. When it leaves our LABS it will be rock solid. You can count on it. If it does not work we will show you what else is wrong at your site and we can hunt that down with an on-site test and checkout service. We can show you our repaired board working to prove that there are other problesm at your site and that you can always schedule a site test and checkout service before starting to send in parts for repair that actually may not need any servie or repair! If your board is functional in our labs we will charge you a testing fee of only $99.00 and return the baord to you. We will then advise you to schedule a site test and checkout service. This will, incidentally, also show that someone at your site is trying to do what we call a shoot in the dark test and checkout service and sending in parts for repair that are not the problem at all! Please let us do the right service for you. We are equipped for that. Most service providers are not equipped to do that. They can do hardware replacements only. You will not be wasting money. You will be saving money and actulay time which is even more valuable than money! We will repair the board no matter what the problem unless it is shorted or is unrepairbale, a rare occurence. We can re-program and configure any board that you send us. We know all about all the boards that we repair.

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Riaz Hussain, Automation Systems Specialist

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